If you would like to report a traffic problem please compete the Report a Traffic Problem Form. If you would like to report a traffic collision, please complete the Counter Traffic Collision Report.

Report a Traffic Problem
Counter Traffic Collision Report

Vacation Patrol Request or Extra Patrol Request

If you would like to request Extra Patrol for an area of concern, please complete an Extra Patrol Request Form.  If you would like to request a Vacation Check on your property or residence, please complete a Special Patrol Request Form.

Extra Patrol Request Form
Special Patrol Request Form

Extra and Vacation Patrol Requests must be submitted in-person at the Yucaipa Station.  Vacation Patrol Requests must be turned in at least one week prior to the date requested. Please bring photo identification with you. There is a 30-day time limit on all extra patrol requests, unless approved by a supervisor.

Letter of Agency

The purpose of the “Letter of Agency” is to grant the Yucaipa Police Department permission to enter specific premises to investigate possible violations of Trespassing or other crimes in progress. This form is ideal for situations of vacant homes, buildings or vacant land. The form may also be used for businesses (The business cannot be within a business center which is open to the public.)

Letter of Agency Instructions
Letter of Agency Authorization

Y.A.N.A Program

The You Are Not Alone (YANA) program helps allow seniors, disabled persons, or homebound individuals find comfort and security in regular telephone contact.

Y.A.N.A. Information
Y.A.N.A. Application

Become A Volunteer

Our mission is to unite volunteers together, from diverse walks of life, to provide the highest quality of service and support to our community. The individual value and skill of every volunteer empowers our ability to promote and carry forward the traditions, goals and mission of the Yucaipa Police Department.

Become a Volunteer